SUMMER OFFERS: 2nd Weekend in July

Weekend Special Offers

Logan Simplex Studio 700 S at £149 with 10 free bladesLogan 700 S: Savings worth over £27.00

This cutting system punches way above its weight.  With all of the best bits of the larger Simplex System, this package features a great quality pull - cutter (gives crisp corners); hinged cutting arm; sturdy squaring bar; end cutting stop ... the list goes on.  Ideal for photographers & artists who want the quality but don't have the room for a large cutting system.  MORE

The offer is: £139.00 (usual price £160.98) AND 10 blades FREE (worth £5.50)

5 free sheets when you order 10+ sheets of mount.FREE: 5 Sheets of Mountboard

When you select colours to order 10+ sheets of mountboard (standard size) we will add a further 5 sheets of board FREE NB. while the additional boards have minor imperfections they are often easy to avoid, but do make excellent undermounts, hinge backs and inner layers of double mounts etc.

Special Offer on Postage to Republic of IrelandRepublic of Ireland SPECIAL

We are delighted that we have an increasing number of customers in the Republic of Ireland.  To help you get started, we are offering postage of just £17.60 (includes UK vat) on all orders to Ireland, up to 20 kg.  This offer applies on orders made within the weekend time-frame (6.00 am 17th July - midnight 18th July)

Dates for weekend offer

Posted on: 16 Jul 2010@16:10:15, updated on: 16 Jul 2010@16:10:15.