Special Offers In July



Logan Pro Saw - Save £59

Logan Pro Saw: save £59

Every cloud has a silver lining. Recently we had a consignment of Pro Saws delivered, perfect in every way – except the scale on the measure system was incorrectly calibrated. The silver lining? If you don’t mind setting and sticking down a new scale (provided with each of these saws) you can have a brand new, top quality mitre saw system for just £80. That is a massive saving of £59! ... and, just to repeat, you end up with the market leading, home framer’s mitre system. More Information


Logan Framers Edge 655 - Save £60

Logan Framers Edge: save £60

For many years this has been the best, value-for-money mount cutter, taking people into professional framing. Nothing has changed in that respect, except that we have decided to tempt people into the world of speedy, professional, lines-free mount cutting by knocking another £60 off the usual catalogue price over this weekend. More Information



Logan Platinum Edge £855 - invest & save over £100

Special Offers In JulyIf you want to go the whole hog and move straight into the top end of mount cutting, this is your lucky weekend. The Platinum edge is a “professional” cutting system with all of the features you would expect on this level of machine. The big difference being, that it is considerably cheaper than the more established brands. We have a limited stock of these cutters that we will be clearing ahead of a new Logan order of kit. That means we are passing on a saving of over £100 on our catalogue price: just £740 instead of the usual £850. More Information

These are enduring bits of kit: thinking longer term, VAT rises in January might make this a golden opportunity for just such an investment.


Please remember: these offers apply when items listed above are ordered on line between 6.00 am, 24th July, and midnight 25th July.

Special Offers In July

Posted on: 22 Jul 2010@07:11:05, updated on: 22 Jul 2010@07:11:05.