DIYframing Needs You!

Our framing sports jerseys training day was developed following a ground swell of inquiries asking for advice on how that sort of project works. We have now run several successful sessions over the past three years. (next one is 15th September).

Framing Memorabilia: medalsPin & Clasp

In a similar way there has been a great deal of interest in advice about framing other forms of memorabilia. One area especially popular is that of framing medals. We are looking for feedback from you to see whether there is enough interest to devise a training day around this type of work. In broad terms, we are looking at a session in Beaconsfield: we would be framing any item of memorabilia with a “pin and clasp” type backing (medals, brooches, lapel badges, service badges etc). Another area could be to look at how to put a medal (or similar) along with a 2D item (photo, letter, provenance etc) all in one frame mount.

Building Your Framing Repertoire

Rather than keeping it simple, we could use it as an excuse to extend the framing repertoire: how to make a bespoke background (papers or images) with bevelled “sink” mount: triple mount with spacing. We would cover important issues specific to this style of project: holding the item in place and creating space behind the mount for the clasp.

We need your feedbackContact Us

What we would like from you is feedback via our email: Please make the subject reference: Framing Memorabilia so that we can easily spot your correspondence. Let us know:

  1. if you would be interested in this type of session;
  2. ideas for other types of “pin & clasp” items you might need to frame;
  3. particular pieces you might have to frame;
  4. combinations of items you may want to frame;
  5. any other similar areas of framed memorabilia you are keen explore.

If we find a core of about 10 with similar needs and interests we will aim to take it further. Look forward to hearing from you.


Posted on: 28 Jul 2010@13:54:25, updated on: 28 Jul 2010@13:54:25.