Important Information - Logan 500 Upgrade Kit

Import Information re Logan 5000 8 ply CutterThis item is important to anybody who has bought the Logan 5000 4 & 8 ply bevel cutter from us, since March 2010. Some of the first units to ship had a depth screw that did not work as well as the current screw in activating the LED light. Also the current Logan 5000 version is now shipped with a pack of the single edge, 271 blades (referenced on the packaging card), which can be used for better cuts through 8 ply boards.


Recognising that some of you have experienced some difficulties when cutting 8 ply board, Logan is keen to send out some simple upgrade packages to existing Logan 5000 owners, bringing earlier shipments up to current standards. The pack consists of:

  • New depth screw
  • #271-5 blade pack
  • New package card
  • New instruction manual
  • Brief instruction sheet on how to replace the depth screw

So, if you have bought a Logan 5000 4 / 8 ply cutter since March 2010 to help us ensure you receive an upgrade kit, please contact Judy Robertson by phone or email (

Any future orders for the Logan 5000 4 / 8 ply cutter wil be from a new consignment which will already have all of the above items featured.

Posted on: 31 Jul 2010@06:39:57, updated on: 31 Jul 2010@06:39:57.