Learning The Trade

Business Development WeeK: Setting Up in Business

When you are starting out in picture framing, what you really need to get a business started are the core skills and the essential, practical elements necessary to get you up and running.  For most people the burning issues are:

  1. What kit do I need, what does it look like and how do you use it?
  2. What must I consider when setting up work space(s)?
  3. What areas must I consider to be organised?
  4. What are the issue behind pricing systems?
  5. How do I bring in work?
  6. How do I market my business?
  7. Can I generate products for sale?


Getting Organised

Business Development Week; Filling the Order Book

These are the questions that the two Business Days on our Business Development Week are geared up to explore.  The first 4 points are covered on day 1 and the content has been slightly re-worked to feature a summary guide to basic, professional picture framing kit and how each element is used.  The aim of the day is to give you information, ideas and guidelines which you can tailor to your business needs.  The second day covers areas 5-7:  you can be incredibly well organised, but if you are not able to fill order books or market your business effectively, then you will never generate an income.


Core Skills

Business Development Week: Core Practical Skills

The other days in the Business Week are all related to the core skills of picture framing.  Either as part of the Business Week or on previous weekends, students will have completed the Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting & Decoration modules.  These prepare you for dealing with most standard framing projects and reveal some ways of adding a bit of creative flair in your work.  The next set of modules adds a layer of finesse and range to what you can offer your customers.  These sessions are (can also be booked as stand-alone days):

  • 3D (box) Framing
  • Conservation Framing
  • Framing Fabrics

If this sounds appealing, and just what you need, why not become one of the first to train at our new DIYframing HQ in High Wycombe.  Some places are still available for all or parts of our Business Development Week in November (click for details).

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