New Alfa with Italian Styling

Alfa A2M UnderpinnerAlfamacchine has a well established reputation for making durable and innovative framing equipment, at manageable prices.  Those of us using the tried and tested Minigraf A1M underpinner can vouch for that.  Hot off the press, so to speak, is the new MINIGRAF A2M-200 underpinner with great design detailing and exciting new features.

Great Innovation

The clamping and underpinning mechanism can be turned around to allow the user to work in their preferred style and offering maximum vision of the mitre join / fit.  The head also tilts helping with holding the position of the mitre contact and moulding support.  The vertical clamp has been updated to the new Minigraf Spring Pin Top Adjuster. 

The operating capacity has been extended allowing it to take mouldings up to 180 mm wide.

This new underpinner also has a great new look, being mounted on an elegant steel stand.  The addition of steel support wings completes a sophisticated all round package at a very affordable price. 

This is available on our site as a package including support wings of £799 (inclusive of vat).  For details or ordering click: Alfa A2M. (Please phone for delivery / carriage costs.)

Posted on: 7 Oct 2010@09:07:46, updated on: 7 Oct 2010@09:07:46.