Autumn Special Deals: 16th & 17th October

Autumn Weekend Specials: 1

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This is a special offer for combined Mitre Trimmer & Measure System. This deal saves over £25.00 on the total of the two separate catalogue prices.

The mitre trimmer is used to give the perfect mitre finish to sawn ends of moulding sections. It trims cleanly through finished or natural mouldings, removing the need for filling or "touching up" after joining.  The measuring system, made especially for the mitre trimmer, has a mitred measurement scale on each of two fences, on which the moulding can rest as you feed it into the trimmer. Using this system, lengths of moulding can be easily cut to exactly the required length.

The Package Costs Just £145 (inc. VAT)  Click for more information & purchase details



5 free sheets when you order 10+ sheets of mount.

FREE: 5 Sheets of Mountboard

When you select colours to order 10+ sheets of mountboard (standard size) we will add a further 5 sheets of board FREE NB. while the additional boards have minor imperfections they are often easy to avoid, but do make excellent undermounts, hinge backs and inner layers of double mounts etc.



Remember: this offer is valid only on orders placed on-line from 6 am on 16th October until midnight 17th October.

Offers valid from 6.00 am 16th - midnight 17th Oct

Posted on: 15 Oct 2010@16:40:59, updated on: 15 Oct 2010@16:40:59.