Trio of Tab Guns

There have been a few changes made to the range of Charnwood Tab Guns.   In one case it is a matter of a few developments.  Whereas the others are new to DIYframing.


Charnwood Flexi-Tab GunThe Charnwood T220 replaces the existing model.  It has a number of improvements, including a new grip offering greater comfort and ease of use. It is still capable of use with rigid or flexi-tabs and is sold at the same price as its predecessor. The main difference is colour - it's turned red. 


Charnwood Brad GunThe  VT120 Hand Operated Brad Nailer is the first of our completely new range.  This brad nailer allows you to use the traditional system of "panel pins" to hold backing board etc in place. For durable, traditional style fixing, the 18 mm, stainless steel nails, which it fires, ensure a durable finish.


Charnwood Arrowhead Tab GunThe T420 Arrowhead Tab gun uses a professional, framers rigid point for holding glazing / backing in place - ideal all round gun, but also copes with conservation grade work.  Charnwood does supply rigid points, but the gun can also accommodate the appropriate style of Fletcher points.

Posted on: 21 Oct 2010@13:42:39, updated on: 21 Oct 2010@13:42:39.