Arqadia Mount Boards

Arqadia range of blackcore boardsWe realise it may be hard to get excited about mount boards, but for us at DIYframing, the tension has been mounting for almost a year now. The notion of extending the range has been on the cards even longer, but the reality is that finally “stocking” a catalogue as vast as Arqadia’s takes up space. It was initially suggested that we created space at Woodlands Farm (Beaconsfield), but once a move was being explored, those plans went on hold. However, rumours will have been expressed during training sessions, looking forward to a time of even greater choice.

Now that the new Cressex showroom is open, we have the space, the technology and the storage units to accommodate the range, which extends to over 200 shades / styles. When you think of what picture framing is all about, how the combination of colour choice and mount cutting style influences how we view artwork, then you begin to recognise that this is the most significant development in our product range for years. Mount board is an item that is used at all levels of framing and that all of you will end up buying at some point.

Conservation Piece

What has probably excited us most, however, is that rather than advise you to source more specialist boards for certain projects, you can now buy them through us. The Arqadia range features around 150 white core boards, of which almost 60 are conservation grade: the first time we have stocked any conservation boards. It’s also worth noting that all Arqadia Conservation boards fully comply to FATG Conservation level: for some framers, conservation board is their “base-line” board.

On top of that, there are 15 black core boards, 5 “metallic” boards and 11 “suedette”. There are thicker boards, 2 mm & 3.5 mm: do remember that you need cutters especially designed to work with these thicker boards when creating mounts. The Framers Edge and Platinum Edge systems already have appropriate cutters built in: the alternative is the Logan 5000 4 & 8 Ply cutter which can work on a rule, or any of the other Logan Mount Cutting systems.

Arqadia Foil BoardsMounting Style

Where boards are designated as black core, there will be a white core equivalent meaning that you can play around with the combination of black bevels, layered on top of a white core panel (or vice versa). The same applies to thicker boards, where you will be able to find a matching, standard thickness board if you intend to vary the depth in a mount.

You can view the full catalogue of Arqadia mounts.

While all of this doesn’t mean we’re abandoning the Britannia boards: you can still buy the same vibrant range of trusted colours, it does mean that your choice has been almost quadrupled over night and taken you into areas you haven’t been able to access quite so simply before. So, maybe some of our excitement at the new changes will rub off on you.


Posted on: 13 Dec 2010@09:39:07, updated on: 13 Dec 2010@09:39:07.