A Little Goes A Long Way

On occasions, creating impact is about keeping things simple: clean lines and a neutral colour palette to allow the artwork to take centre stage.  But, keeping it simple does not have to mean making things bland. 
Triple Mount
During our Spring 2009 Open Day at Beaconsfield (seems like a lifetime ago now) we ran a seminar exploring how a range of mount styles (in white) can produce some stylish looks.  By taking account of how natural light falls on surfaces and edges of mount board, effects are clean-cut and subtle. Good choices of mouldings provide a defining edge to each version of the presentation.  

Never Too Late

At the time, a number of participants asked that there should be some follow-up as a reminder of those ideas and techniques.  In fact, when promoting the Open Day on training sessions, those unable to travel to the seminar were equally concerned that they should have a chance to see what we were up to. So, hoping that anticipation doesn’t lead to disappointment, at long last, we have featured those ideas in a new project (Six of The Best) spanning 4 downloadable PDFs in the Projects Library.

The premise was to keep artwork and glass size constant and to provide greater impact via the design element.  So, at the planning stage, the choice of moulding, mount cutting style and / or the depth of the mount became paramount.  The image used is a black and white photograph; paler or monochrome artwork in other media benefits most from this approach.  The moulding choices in the frame were allowed to be quite strong and dramatic, because they provide a defining edge to each project; however we still aimed to use “non fussy”, clean-cut profiles so that they didn’t distract from the art.  Similarly, the colour palette, for all of the mounts used, was, broadly speaking, white.  Some changes in shade and texture were permitted, but it was mount cutting style and techniques being emphasised as the creative element within the design.

V Groove DecorationBetter by Design

The projects break down into “six options”:
1) Using extra thick mount board (8 ply)
2) A triple mount featuring a double mount edge;
3) Working with V-grooves
4) Working with deep bevel (Foam Biseaux) mounts
5) Slips & the “natural” look
6) Using spacers to add depth

More often than not when framing, we start with colours of board available, the choice that suits the artwork and a moulding to tone in.  We will also consider the practical requirements, often dictated by the artwork, how it needs to be attached, depth away from the glass etc.  What we are advocating here is a different approach.  Consider how you want the final piece to look before searching for materials, determining cutting techniques and planning how to bring the elements together.  The end result is often more rewarding to produce and will certainly be more dynamic for viewers.

Depth and ShadowVisit our Project Library and see each one in more detail under the banner Six of The Best.  You will need to be a registered member of the site to download the PDF.

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