Canvassing Opinion

We have frequent requests for information about framing canvases, particularly asking for product advice and where techniques differ from standard projects.  As with many aspects of framing, once you are told everything falls snugly into place (hopefully both figuratively and literally).  In some ways, however the anxieties are well placed, because amongst the “tricks of the trade” there are quite a few skills, materials and equipment specifically linked with canvas work (and heavier weight needlework).

Two Way Stretcher BarAs a result there is a suite of 4 new Handy Hints titles, each one providing an overview of aspects of how to frame canvases.  Click on the number and title for more detail.

24 Using Stretcher Bars: looking at how to make a stretcher frame from stretcher bars, then stretch and attach canvas based artwork.  The process also works for heavier, woven pieces and tapestries.

25 Using Stretcher Profile Moulding: A simple way of making a stretcher frame for stretching and attaching canvas based art.  It is a standard method for less valuable / expensive pieces and work particularly well with stable media, such as photo canvases.  NB no wedges to add stretch at a later date.

26 Framing Guidance: Exploring the range of mouldings used when framing canvas work, the considerations you need to make for each style and guidance on how to plan the frame.

27 Assembling A Framed Canvas: Some guidance on methods and hardware used for both securing the stretched canvas "block" inside the frame and holding its position.

Why Not Stretch Yourself?

As mentioned earlier, the handy hints sheets provide an overview of this type of work.  For a more detailed, practical approach to framing canvases you might find that our training module, Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Artwork, is better suited to your needs.  Over a one day programme we look at the traditional form of commercial stretchers and hangers as well as mouldings designed especially for making your own stretcher frames. It covers the process of planning a project based on the dimensions of the artwork to be displayed, building stretchers frames, attaching the artwork and adding a "box or tray" frame to one of the two pieces you will complete through the day.

The practical elements include:
    •    Cutting techniques
    •    How to join mitred lengths of moulding to create both stretchers and frames
    •    Use of equipment used in stretching and attaching canvas / fabric around a stretcher frame
    •    Creating neat corners
    •    How to plan, mark up and create a box / tray frame and attach a stretched piece into it
    •    Specialist accessories used in attaching stretched canvases into conventional frames
    •    Principles for finishing and hanging canvases.
    •    Ideas for providing sight edges around the image if no frame is to be attached.

All students will complete two pieces of work - one will be a simple stretched canvas for direct hanging, the second will be a framed, stretched piece. You do need to bring two, printed canvases ready for framing.

For Details of our next Canvas Stretching courses click here

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