Changes to our Mount Board Range.

We have been informed that some of the colours of mount board supplied by Britannia will soon be discontinued.  However we are pretty confident that for most of our customers it will not make a difference...

MountboardsBritiannia Mountboards have told us that they are reducing their range from just over 70 colours down to around 40.  Obviously the range will be made up of the more popular colours so most customers will not notice. 

It is not all bad news though, we have been selling Arqadia mount Boards for the last 3 months and virtually all the colours that are being discontinued from the Britannia range can be  matched pretty accurately with an Arqadia equivalent. 

Rather than see our range reduce from 70+ down to 40 it has actually gone up to well over 200!  All the colours are on the website so you can have a look at the range (though we have not yet removed the discontinued colours since they are still available for a while).  If you have a specific colour that you want to check with us then give us a call and we will either reassure you that it will continue to be available - or we will check for the equivalent Arqadia board.

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Posted on: 17 Jan 2011@17:32:05, updated on: 17 Jan 2011@17:32:05.