Slips & Fillets - New Handy Hints Sheets

Handy Hints - Slips & FilletsWe seem to have had a few inquiries asking about slips, fillets and how they are used. As this area seemed to be generating a bit of interest, we decided to devise a new Handy Hints Sheet.

Slips and Fillets are fine, separate moulding elements used in picture framing, performing either a decorative / practical element (or both).

SLIPS are usually a flat piece of wood or plastic with no rebate. They “slip” under the rebate lip of the main picture frame to offer a decorative edge and / or to extend the inner edge of a frame behind which the mounted artwork or canvas block sits.

FILLETS are fine, decorative mouldings with a raised “sight edge” and flat lip behind. They sit inside the aperture of a mount providing a decorative lining and increasing the depth that artwork is held away from the glass

Why not have a look? - Slips & Fillets: Purpose & Applications


Posted on: 6 Jun 2011@12:28:14, updated on: 6 Jun 2011@12:28:14.