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David Wilkie, October Master ClassesEach year we have helped hundreds of people to make a start with framing their own work. We show you the basic skills involved in good quality picture framing. Many return to try some of the more specific framing projects through our wider range of courses. However, having the skills is one thing, but knowing the full range of what you can do with them is another. Books and information sheets are great, but there are not many of them around. Also, writing this as someone who constantly tries to put methods of framing (even the simplest of ideas) into print without ambiguity, I know how uninspiring they end up sounding.


What makes a massive difference is seeing somebody in action; someone who thrives on creating imaginative designs as part of their everyday gallery work. David Wilkie GCF has run Master Classes for us in the past and is returning to lead another session in 2011. This year David is the WINNER of the Fine Art Trade GUILD FRAMING CHALLENGE award (winning entry seen below, right): that’s 7 FATG awards in total!


David Wilkie, October Master ClassesBasic Skills, Imaginative Design

Don’t be put off by the Master Class title: David has the knack of putting across ideas clearly and in ways that you know you can replicate. The real impact is that he shows you what a wide variety of styles and designs you can create just by using basic skills in imaginative ways. Anybody who has used even the simplest of mount cutters will definitely come away with a “shed load” (or workshop load) of ideas to try out. Basically, if you want to learn how to make your framing the very best (and most creative) it can be, all you need to do is sign up to our Master Classes. By the end of two days three changes will occur:

  • you will know how to do some very clever things to impress customers and friends,
  • you will be able to combine ideas to come up with unique designs / projects of your own
  • you can look at photos in framing books and begin to work out “how they did it”.


How much more of a recommendation do you need to find out more about Master Classes with David Wilkie GCF?

Book both days and save £45.00

PS. David will also be leading a seminar: Colour and Design in Framing, at the next FATG Branch Meeting, 14th July Reigate Manor Hotel Reigate, just off the M25 J8. Non members welcome.


Posted on: 7 Jul 2011@09:20:33, updated on: 7 Jul 2011@09:20:33.