Fine Art Trade Guild: Points of Information

GCF Study Guide

An increasing number of you are now aiming to sit the Fine Art Trade Guild, GCF exam. At DIYframing we recently received information being sent to all involved with FATG accredited training. We can provide a summary of points in order to help with any preparations you may be making.

  1. On the Conservation submitted piece if a V-groove is chosen this should be joined on the back with conservation white gummed paper tape. Since V-grooves are invariably close to the aperture this tape will probably be in contact with the artwork and self-adhesive tapes may leach adhesive at the edges.
  2. Candidates should follow the requirements to the letter, as if following instructions from an employer or customer. So on the Conservation submitted piece a single windowmount is required with lines or a V-groove – a double windowmount is not required and will be marked down. If choosing to draw lines, two lines all round are required – additional lines or panels will be marked down.
  3. Artwork should never be attached to the back of a windowmount: it must always be attached / supported on an undermount or other appropriate system. It is vital to use the FATG study guide as the definitive standard for GCF work.


Posted on: 7 Jul 2011@09:33:14, updated on: 7 Jul 2011@09:33:14.