New Compact Cutters by Logan

Compact ClassicThe Logan 301 Compact Mount Cutter is dead: long live the Logan Compact Mount Cutter!

A bit over the top? What Logan have done is pretty clever. The traditional Logan Compact has been re-named the Compact Classic. The price remains low and includes just about all of the previous system’s features: it has replaced the straight edge cutter with a craft knife, but in the current climate, it has enable that competitive price to be maintained. BUT the really clever addition is the new Logan 350-1 Compact Elite mount cutting system.

Compact EliteSpecial Launch Price

Here they have kept the same dimensions, ensuring it lives up to the Compact name, but the extras provide exceptional value for money. One of the best additions is the hinged cutting rail, making working with larger pieces so much easier. The straight edge cutter is back but in a much improved design and there is a new, built-in squaring bar for holding mount board square.

Posted on: 7 Jul 2011@09:44:35, updated on: 7 Jul 2011@09:44:35.