Natural Wood Mouldings: Extend Your Range

Flat Profile natural moulding (with finish)Natural wood mouldings offer the home framer / bespoke framer some really exciting possibilities:

  • Economy: you can use simpler tools ensuring finished corners are perfect ‘by hand’ ( filler & sanding )
  • Economy: variety of finishes – it’s incredibly easy to add your own finishes so there may be less waste as you can use the same moulding for several different looks (order in bulk)
  • Bespoke Style: either for yourself or for a customer it’s simple to achieve unique finishes providing a look specifically geared to the project you are working on.
  • Framing Ability / Quality: done well, hand finished frames speak volumes for your framing skills. It implies an ability to design and undertake more complex work and a real interest in how artwork can be displayed to great effect.


Creative Styles

Natural Wood Moulding with Ragged FinishWe supply a good range of natural wood mouldings: there is a free to download PDF of each range moulding we can supply. Have a look at the Natural Wood profiles we have available. When designing a hand finished frame, bear in mind a few general pointers:

- timber type; obeche provides an ideal surface for all colouring agents. The grain absorbs colour well providing the medium is not too thick (artists acrylics; liberon wood dyes; stains)

- flat profiles provide a good surface for either paint effects or flat colour;

- narrow furrows on some profiles allow paints and coloured waxes to provide lines of more intense colour;

- mouldings with clearly defined flat areas can be masked to allow paint effect features to be applied

- ridges and ornate sight lines can be picked out in gilt cream.


Natural Wood Moulding with Black Stain & Gilt Cream FinishIf you are interested in trying this for yourself, have a look at the range of finishing products we have available or find out more about our Adding Decorative Effects to Frames courses that we run through the year. Last chance for 2011 (currently) is in Salisbury, 5th September - there’s more to it than just stain and wax.


Of course if you want finishes to be simple you can keep it black and white: Finished Framing? is an article that was published on our site in June 2007.

Posted on: 8 Aug 2011@07:55:59, updated on: 8 Aug 2011@07:55:59.