Hidden Gems

Ready Reckoner for MouldingOver a sixth month period our web site was re-organised making it quicker and clearer to navigate. Within that process some of our hidden gems were highlighted and new ones created. Probably the most useful area is the Library & Resources area. You can quickly find what you are looking for, using a variety of intuitive ways in.  A couple of items worth bringing to your attention though are our moulding ready reckoner and glazing products price / discount list. The ready reckoner provides a very quick way to determine how much moulding you need for a particular project, working alongside or in place of our handy hints sheet (Choosing Style of moulding for a Frame).


Glass at Competitive PricesGlass - A Cunning Plan

Then have a look at our Glazing Materials Sheet. Whilst we can’t send glass through the post, as well as the local trade, we are now having people order in advance and then arrange to collect when passing. Because so many of us are travelling around the motorways for work or pleasure, with a bit of cunning planning it may be possible for you to take advantage of our competitive prices and specialist product range.

The ready reckoner is also featured as new Handy Hints Info Sheets.


Posted on: 8 Aug 2011@09:11:50, updated on: 8 Aug 2011@09:11:50.