New Framing Kits

We are pleased to announce an exciting new initiative: a whole range of framing kits. The aim has been to provide a quick route to getting started with your own framing, whilst taking account of your budget, background and where you want to go with your projects. We have also been keen not to put in any unnecessary elements that you either have to ferret out or buy but never use. Part of the process has been the eight years of training people at all levels of framing: it does give us a true picture of what people need.


Everything You Need - Just 3 Steps

What we have come up with is a range of six framing equipment kits, Fixings and Hardware packs and framing “toolboxes” comprising of the more general workshop items we use with all framing. Now it should be possible to find something that will either give you everything you need all in one go or the chance to home in on just the main framing kit. Another feature is that for anyone training with us, we have linked kits with the training you may have undertaken.

For links to the kits, read the full article.

Home Workshop KitThe six framing kits are:


The Fixing & Hardware packs are available as:

The workshop tools packs are available as:



BIG BONUS: all kit purchases befit from amazing amounts of DIYframing vouchers to help with future purchases of materials etc. (up to £300.00)



Posted on: 18 Oct 2011@12:35:59, updated on: 18 Oct 2011@12:35:59.