STAS Hanging System

Stas overviewWhether you are re-decorating / designing the interior of a new room at home or setting up an exhibition / display in a gallery, the STAS hanging system provides a versatile and attractive presentation solution. It’s easy to install and has so many options available there is bound to be something you would want to use. As well as being able to adjust arrangements of pieces to suit exactly, you can bring lighting to your work as and where you need it.

Grand Design

Having stocked STAS for some time, we recognise it may not always be easy to find your way through the range of products or discover how to install a system. To help with that we have produced 3 Handy Hints sheets:

  • 31) Hanging System Overview: provides information about the key components needed in any STAS system.
  • 32) Installing a Clip Rail System; a step by step guide providing an example of just how easy it is to install a STAS system.
  • 33) Hanging System Product Options: lists the range of STAS products available and what their functions are.

Please note to view these titles you will need to be a member and then view via the Handy Hints page.


Posted on: 18 Oct 2011@12:44:45, updated on: 18 Oct 2011@12:44:45.