Extension of Artist's Resale Right

Damage to small businesses from the Artist's Resale Right

One of our customers has written explaining their concerns about the extension of the Artists Resale Right and specifically about the potential threats to those with small businesses. We have included here, their concerns and ideas for registering your concern about the changes. If, after reading this item, you wish to join the petition, there is a direct link to the on-line petition.

"We are all threatened by the extension of the Artists Resale Right to the estates of dead artists until 70 years after their death. This EEC inspired 4% (sliding scale) Levy is a heavy blow to any dealers or Galleries involved in the Secondary Marketplace. We are being obliged to pay this on a quarterly basis. It is a huge additional cost to bear in these difficult economic times when VAT has just been “hiked” by 2.5% and most Galleries sales are down due to the current economic climate of gloom.

Many dealers make a very small profit on turnover. They face losing 8% of this (4% on the purchase and additional 4% on the sale) which is a huge bite out of their revenues. DACS (The collecting agency) has an online Petition with approximately 2000 signatures from various parties supporting this new extension. I propose that we create a Petition with 20,000 signatures opposing it ! Our trade bodies, BADA, LAPADA, SLAD and BAMF have campaigned hard against the extension of ARR. Now is the time for all we dealers to stand up and demonstrate the strength of our opposition. 


Please take a few minutes of your time and sign this petition on the link below. If you have time to also please put a 2 line comment -  it does look so very much better on the petition !

But it is not just one signature we need - we need 20,000! Please get all your friends, family, clients and employees who disagree with the ARR extension,  to sign Please do everything you can to resist the threat and to fight it!"


Link to petition - Damage to small businesses from the Artist's Resale Right

Posted on: 2 Feb 2012@11:04:28, updated on: 2 Feb 2012@11:04:28.