Andover Art Society SeminarIf you belong to an art society or camera club, we could help with your events calendar.  We are often asked to offer presentations to various organisations: sometimes these are seminars and demonstrations, at other times we run simple workshops.  Over the last two months, Richard Buttle (DIYframing trainer) met with Badby Photo Club, near Daventry, and most recently, the Andover Art Society.  Each group had slightly differing requirements, but very much with the same ends in mind for their members: namely

  • developing the notion of being able to present work for themselves
  • advice about techniques and a few tricks of the trade
  • knowing what kit and materials are available and where to source them.

Just What You Need

With the photographers the emphasis may be more towards mounted work, proportions and extending ideas beyond single mount.  Whereas for many artists, being able to frame their own work is essential from the outset and practical demonstrations are tailored accordingly.  

In both the Badby and Andover scenarios, the sessions fitted in to a club session (approx 2 hours with tea break).  It’s amazing how much we managed to pack in to the time and both groups were genuinely appreciative of the sessions.  Richard also had a really good, time with everyone being so welcoming, motivated and highly interested. 

Just have a look what we were able to do, listed below are outlines of the sessions.


1) Competition rules – working within them but imaginatively:

  • image shape & proportion
  • Hinge Mount System (Demo)
  • mount proportions
  • alternative materials (black core, lines, extra thick board)
  • “ a whiter shade of pale” – using textures and best mount board shade

2) Working with Mount Colours and Cutting Styles

  • double mounts – strong colour and proportions (Demo)
  • layers & shadows
  • deep bevels (Demo)

3) Keeping it Simple

  • Looking at the pieces featured in the “Six of the Best” project.  Ideas about moulding constraints, variety of finishes combined with a range of mount cutting techniques.  Illustrated by the same photographic image mounted & framed in six distinctly different ways.
  • Q & A Aiming to answer questions from the group about areas discussed (or any other queries).

Andover Art Society SeminarANDOVER ART SOCIETY

Session 1
A) Framing Paper Based Work

  • Choosing Moulding: key factors - finished v unfinished; practical things to check on moulding descriptions;
  • Working to glass size: planning to find glass size; brief outline of impact on mount size etc
  • Cutting & trimming moulding: DEMO saw only v saw & trimmer; Chop Service option
  • Joining moulding lengths: DEMO use of simple joiner
  • Cutting Glass: DEMO brief view of product; score & snap
  • Dust Free assembling: DEMO
  • Taping in: DEMO
  • Stringing for hanging: DEMO

B) Working with Canvases

  • Impact of stretchers: a view of options
  • Simple frames: guidance on sizes
  • Hardware used with canvas frames: brief outline
  • Slips: samples & description of use
  • Using a second frame: sample to view
  • Stretched photo canvas: description & sample to view

Session 2
C) Mount Cutting

  • Simple proportions: explanation & samples to view
  • Double Hinge Mount: DEMO & samples to view
  • Framed examples: showing how the mount cut can impact on the design of a framed piece without needing to resort to colour changes. 6 pieces: same image, same glass size; varied mouldings; varied mount cuts.

There is always a potential for us to offer a follow-up too.  We can design a training day to your own requirements and, if you membership can provide a venue and “student” numbers, the usual day-rates can be discounted.

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