Chop Service Explained

Chop serviceWhy use our Chop Service?

  1. I want to prioritise the kit I buy: having moulding cut, ready for joining saves on cutting and trimming tools;
  2. I need to complete a series of projects quickly – I can be getting the work mounted whilst some one else cuts the frames;
  3. Space is limited – it’s ok cutting mounts and board in the kitchen, but sawing and trimming is just a bit too much!
  4. I’m happy to tackle most projects but with more expensive mouldings, I just need somebody to get it spot on for me.
  5. With the chop service I don’t have odds and ends of moulding I’m not likely to use left – just no over ordering


How does it work?

The chop service is where we mitre the moulding to your specified size.  All you have to do is join the pieces of moulding together to make the frame. To order a chop service just fill in either the EXACT SIZE or GLASS SIZE width and height for your chosen moulding type.

EXACT SIZE: the dimensions (length by height) of the external/outside edges of the frame

GLASS SIZE: the dimensions of the board / total artwork package being fitted into the frame. They include the mount, where one is being used (ie the inside internal measurements of the frame). NB when creating chopped, mitred lengths for glass size, we add 2mm to the dimensions in order to create an easy fit.


How Do I Order On-Line?

  • finChop Serviced the moulding group (gold, silver etc), 
  • choose the chop service button and
  • use drop down selector to indicate "measurement type" (glass size or exact size)
  • enter the dimensions (in millimetres) of glass size / exact size for that moulding. 

The maximum size for chop services is 140cm (Exact size) or 120cm (Glass size).


How much does the service cost?

You will be charged the same per metre charge as if ordering it off the shelf + a small charge for the mitre cuts.

Posted on: 28 Jun 2012@10:29:00, updated on: 28 Jun 2012@10:29:00.