New Designer Range Moulding

Coastal Shades

Coastal RangeOur new “Designer Range” of mouldings has been especially selected for DIYframing customers from a new set of Arqadia mouldings. The coastal range features several moulding types, each one in a series of natural shades: black, cream, wenge and white. The profile styles and widths allow for great versatility with framing projects and, as the shades are complimentary, you can easily produce a suite of projects where the look is similar but the palette is changed.


Contemporary Style

Lacquered RangeThe lacquered range has a clean-cut, minimal look with a truly contemporary style. The high gloss finish will work well with photography and modern, graphic prints. There are 3 widths, each with either a black or white lacquered styling.
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Posted on: 17 Jul 2012@09:39:59, updated on: 17 Jul 2012@10:27:44.