New To Cutting Mounts? Want Some New Ideas?

Free Mount Cutting SeminarIf you belong to any art, photography or craft group using mounts to present your art, this free session could be an ideal way to discover how you can improve presentation, very simply.  This FREE seminar / demonstration is for complete novices or those of you unsure about how to progress beyond a simple, single mount. So please pass this on to your contacts, friends or group members.

Monday October 15th, 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm @ DIYframing, High Wycombe.  Session will be presented by our lead trainer, Richard Buttle.

 Themes include:

- Competition rules – working within them but imaginatively: image shape & proportion; Hinge Mount System; mount proportions; range of mountboard;

- Working with Mount Colours and Cutting Styles: double mounts; layers & shadows; deep bevels

- Keeping it Simple: ideas about moulding constraints, variety of finishes combined with a range of mount cutting techniques.  Illustrated by the same photographic image mounted & framed in six distinctly different ways.

- Q & A: Aiming to answer questions from the group about areas discussed (or any other queries).


If you would like to attend this free seminar / demonstration it is essential that you contact us to book a place.

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