New Venues

Derby ArtsWe are always open to new ideas for locations and venues for our Art & Photography Framing Weekends.  There’s no formula for what makes a training venue a success, but many have been suggested by our own customers, others by art & photography groups wanting to set something up local to their members.


Chichester is already proving to be a success (fully booked this year) so we will be returning there next year (5th & 6th October 2013). The venue in Derby (Matlock) has come from contact with “Derbyshire Arts” based at Pear Tree Farm Guest House & Arts Centre (13th & 14th April 2013).  Similarly members of an art group in Darlington were keen to have a local training option (2nd & 3rd February 2013). Finally, our Newcastle Upon Tyne session (22nd & 23rd June 2013) has been moved to a slot in Summer in order to encourage people from the Scottish Borders to make the trek down without the problems of winter weather.


If you have a suggestion for where / when we might run a course, then please contact us: Request A Course – we genuinely welcome your feedback.

Posted on: 14 Sep 2012@06:59:41, updated on: 14 Sep 2012@06:59:41.