August Exhibition - After The Event

Exhibition SuccessShut Your Mouth When You’re talking To Me was the title of the art exhibition, at DIYframing, devised and set up by Darius Beeks and Harry Jones.  The theme for the show was a celebration of growing up and featured a wide range of their own art: photographs, paintings and collage. The exhibition ran from 1st – 10th August and was a great success, with well over 200 visitors attending: on the 3 late nights the attendance averaged around 50 people.  Although nerves were inevitable ahead of opening, by working on every aspect of the exhibition together, Darius and Harry could share the load, talking through any worries or anxieties. Also, having worked flat out, they were pretty confident that they couldn’t have done any more.


Local media got behind what Darius and Harry were trying to achieve, with features on the Bucks Free Press website, in their magazine and on Bucks TV.  Other measures of the event’s success were the sales of artwork (30+ pieces) and offers of commissions. 


More important though, as they head off to take their art studies further at university, was the positive feedback from visitors.  In particular their friends loved it, and showing them around was especially good, because they all knew how much work had gone into completing the exhibition.


Darius and Harry will always remember one of their friend’s comments, as it captures just what they were aiming to express in their art:

'This exhibition is great for you, but it’s also great for all of us because it celebrates our friendship and us all growing up together!'

Posted on: 14 Sep 2012@07:01:57, updated on: 14 Sep 2012@07:01:57.