NEW - STAS Minirail

MinirailThe STAS gallery systems of all kinds have been selling incredibly well recently.  If you haven't already done so, have a look at our area given over to STAS: Gallery System.

And now there’s a new range: STAS Minirail. The patented STAS minirail system is the thinnest and most innovative picture hanging system in the world: an elegant white, metal rail that simply attaches to the wall.  At only 16 mm wide, it  blends in perfectly with your room's interior.  As with all STAS systems, the minirail is very easy to use: fitting by means of the specially developed STAS minirail clipscrews.

 For an elegant, barely visible hanging system, the STAS minirail system is the ideal choice. 

Please note we are expecting a price increase on all STAS products (start of November), so buy now to beat the change!


Brass Head Pins

Also ...

Our latest “hardware” product: Brass Head, Hardened Steel Picture Pins.  Ideal for hanging up a stocking this Christmas. Never let it be said that only the big sales matter to DIYframing. 



Posted on: 19 Oct 2012@11:19:15, updated on: 19 Oct 2012@11:19:15.