Geoff Baylis - Photography & Framing

Geoff Baylis Case StudyPut simply, Geoff Baylis intends to move to Devon in the very near future, set up his photography and framing business and enjoy being his own boss. After 40 years of a daily, London commute, the thought of being able to work from home, choosing when to work on photography and framing is highly appealing. It gives the chance to balance the longer hours and order book demands with taking time off when it suits: the opportunity to be totally in control of that “work / life” balance. 


It’s his love of photography providing the driving force for his business: producing complete pictures, either to a style that he has created, or customised to a customer’s requirements. Hopefully as much as possible of his business will involve his own photographic work, but he is equally at home framing customer’s own artwork as well. He recently launched a website to showcase his work: 


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Posted on: 19 Oct 2012@11:25:27, updated on: 19 Oct 2012@11:25:27.