Big Business

Business Week, 3D (Box) FramingAlthough DIYframing has been going for 10 years, the picture framing business started earlier and from even humbler beginnings: a garden shed. For many of us, that is exactly where the first steps in the picture framing business take place. There are many practical questions that need resolving:

  • How much should I charge?
  • Where can I buy materials?
  • What do I need in my workshop?
  • How do I bring orders in? And even
  • How do I frame a piece of crochet? ... or a baby’s bootee, a football programme?

In 2008, we ran a series of articles about starting up your own framing business: over the next few months we will be giving you a link to those pieces.  The first one is : What is A Pro Framer?

A tried and tested way of coming to grips with all of this is our Business Development Week. The programme offers practical guidance on how to organise, plan and develop a framing business, plus the essential skills in a range of framing projects. Book the whole course at a well discounted price, or develop your ideas, over time, by signing up to the individual days you need.


Feedback from our November BDW was very good: one student (Derek Ratford) commented,

" the course was the best course I have ever attended and would recommend the course to anyone starting a framing business. Linnette Bell was a really good teacher and Richard Buttle was excellent – I learnt so much."

Have a look at: Business Development Week. And for those having completed our Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting & Decoration Weekends, why not see the discounts on our Business Development, "Beyond the Basics" training.

By booking either a 7 day or 5 day package you can save £207.00

If you do wish to take part in some, or all of the sessions please book early as places will go quite quickly for the March week.

Posted on: 21 Jan 2013@07:54:27, updated on: 21 Jan 2013@07:54:27.