Bespoke Projects

Sewing In A Sports ShirtYou want to frame a signed football shirt but did you know:

  1. To stop the shirt sagging when attached it needs a support panel inside;

  2. How you stage the look of the shirt needs to be planned at the outset as it will affect the dimensions of the frame you build;

  3. Sewing the shirt onto the presentation mount board, whilst a little more involved, provides the best way of keeping the shirt undamaged and easy to release.


The art of framing sports shirts (or any clothing) is a great skill to have. Done well it is both rewarding and financially worthwhile. To learn more and walk away with you own framed sports shirt: February 19th, Framing Sports Shirts. Booking now.



Canvasses In FramesThere are 3 main ways of framing / presenting and hanging art on stretched canvas:

  1. A gallery wrap - no frame so the image either bleeds around the edges of the canvas block or the edges are left white (or coloured black);

  2. Showing the piece in a tray frame, where the edges are masked by the surrounding moulding;

  3. Traditional framing, where the canvas sits behind the rebate of the frame moulding.


In each case there is a number of underlying skills required. Especially where you need to stretch and attach a piece of artwork / photo print (on canvas) onto stretcher bars: the corners are often what people are most concerned about. But, this type of work is exactly what many of you will be asked to do: February 18th, Stretching & Framing Canvas Art. Booking now.

Posted on: 21 Jan 2013@08:21:01, updated on: 21 Jan 2013@08:21:01.