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Black Wenge MouldingBack On My Black List

(by Richard Buttle, Lead Trainer DIYframing)

I was just heading out to greet an arriving student on one of our training courses, when I spotted somebody looking at a black moulding I hadn’t seen before. It was being used against photography already mounted in a black mountboard and looked amazing. The moulding in question was from the black range (although described as wenge) and has a lot of rough hewn character, giving it a really dramatic impact and a “scoop” profile that draws your eyes right into the image. In fact it had been unavailable for a while, but is now back in stock with the profile available in three different widths.

 As a framer I’m being asked to use quite ornate natural mouldings and add a straight black or white finish to them: not sure whether this is a new trend or coincidence. I’ll certainly be showing this off to customers as it has more impact than a plain finish, and it could be more cost effective (time-saving).  See what you think: click Black Mouldings and view M8014BK; M8015BK; M8016BK 

Lime Wood Moulding

New to DIYframing

With ramin wood mouldings now running out, companies have looked at alternative, farmed timbers to provide similar replacements. We now stock two new, lime wood, natural mouldings from Arqadia, to replace a pair of our more popular ramin profiles.

The first is a natural, flat moulding (M4036NW) at £4.26 per m (includes vat) - replacing M4024NW: the second is a natural, cushion profile (M4037NW) at £4.74 per m (includes vat) – replacing M4018NW. Both are now featured on the new Prices PDF and on the Natural Wood Mouldings PDF.

Posted on: 12 Jun 2013@09:04:52, updated on: 12 Jun 2013@09:17:59.