Pop Up Shop - Stourbridge On Sea (Case Study)

Kevin StreetIt doesn’t always happen that we (DIYframing) have such a speedy effect on people’s plans. From Kevin Street signing up for a framing weekend with Linnette in the middle of February 2013, through finalising a deal for a 2 month contract on a "pop-up" shop (Stourbridge on Sea) in March, to its opening in early May, must be a record for any of our customers.

Of course it could all have fallen apart at the first hurdle, but, having completed his 2 day training Kevin was really spurred on by the realisation that he could, indeed, “do framing.” Whilst High Wycombe is not on Kevin’s doorstep, he found the training there, plus the chance to take direct advice on kit and see what various items could offer, to be exactly what he needed.

“With the equipment I bought, the process was enjoyable (I am especially thankful I finally went for the Inmes 3 underpinner - anything less would have driven me to distraction!)...and ... “Thank you to all at DIY Framing, who helped and advised - and please pass on my gratitude to Linnette for her confidence boosting tuition!”

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Posted on: 12 Jun 2013@09:16:44, updated on: 12 Jun 2013@09:16:44.