Open Day - FREE Seminars

There's omething for everyone over our two, free Open Day seminars.  If you are a framing novice or just want a quick reminder of a few, core, framing techniques, the morning session is ideal.  Then, in the afternoon, see some of the new mouldings we have in stock and discover how they can be used, with the right sort of mount, to show your artwork off at its best. 


Session 1 (10.30am - 11.30 am) Framing From Scratch: ideal for anyone just starting out or those wanting a few little tricks of the trade.


We demonstrate the whole process, from planning to hanging: a print with double mount, framed (pre-finished moulding) using simple hand tools.

  • planning and cutting a double (hinge) mount
  • cutting and trimming moulding lengths
  • joining the moulding
  • cutting glass and backing
  • assembling and finishing ready for hanging


Session 2 (12.30 pm - 1.30 pm) Choice Framing: you know the basic techniques of framing & mount cutting, but what else can you do to make your framing stand out … without over-complicating things?


This session offers demos and ideas of how making dynamic (but simple) choices to combine mount cutting with stylish mouldings can really make artwork “show off”.

  • choosing mouldings - what colours and profiles offer

 THEN 5 cutting / mount techniques used to match practical requirements of the moulding and the aesthetic demands of the artwork

  • inlay mount (for shallow rebate)
  • v-groove (for shallow rebate)
  • layered mount (medium to deep rebate) - three layers with varying spacing
  • deep bevel mount (deeper rebate)
  • float mount  (deeper rebate) – how to “float mount” artwork (using pass-through hinges) behind a spaced mount


Whilst these sessions are free, places are limited.  To avoid disappointment please reserve places (asap), in advance, using email contact:

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