Latest Framing Projects

As part of our November Open Day we ran two seminars.  The attendance was great and people were really keen to get going with what we demonstrated.  We made the rash promise that we would back these up with documented guidance and support.  So here it is!  There is a series of 3 projects (12a – 12c), new to our library catalogue and 2 more that are based on ideas covered by existing projects or Handy Hints Sheets.


One thing they all have in common is that they are not technically difficult, but do look really good.  This means you could easily impress friends & customers (and possibly yourself!) even if you are very new to framing. 


Do bear in mind that the links used here may only work if you are registered as a DIYframing member.  It is a free service and entitles you to access several features. 


Parrot Double MountDouble Mount in Red: anybody who has been on our Mount Cutting & Decoration training could have a go at this.  The Football Red (Arqadia mount) along with the Alabaster outer mount (also Arqadia), provides a dynamic look without overpowering the artwork (a greetings card).  Finished off with a Red, Flat moulding (M7017CD) from the coloured mouldings range.


Spaced MountThis piece, featuring a sketch (another card) of a ram’s head, illustrates how adding depth can really make you feel you are peering in at something.  It also shows how well a fine red layer can make a real statement without detracting from black and white images.  The mount boards used were, once again, Arqadia boards: Alabaster and Football Red.  The moulding is an old favourite: Silver Leaf Hockey (M1002DR).  The project follows almost identical lines to those outlined in our very first Framing project: Shadows & Depth


Deep Bevel FrameThis is another project that anybody, who has completed our basic mount cutting training can easily do.  It features a deep bevel mount using black mat decoration tape.  Alabaster (Arqadia mount) provides the main surround with a new, highly textured moulding, from our BLACK range: Wenge Flat M8058BK.  If you can’t find your notes about making a deep bevel mount, have a look at HH Sheet 6: Creating Deep Bevel Mounts Using 5 mm Foam Core.


Inlay MountAdding an inlay mount is featured in the first of our new Simply Styled Projects.  It is the first of the series and shows how you can add a decorative feature edge to a mount even where the rebate depth is shallow.  It features another of our new mouldings: Gold Leaf Scoop (M6046GD).  To see how this project works view Project 12a


V Groove MountThe second in the series again features a method of adding interest to a single mount.  The stylish silver moulding used here , Silver Leaf, Cushion (M2045SR), has clear lines in its profile, which the v-groove picks up in the mount.  Using V-grooves in textured, white / cream boards adds a subtle effect.  The only down side is that it is difficult to show in photos of the finished article.  To see how this project works view Project 12b


Egyptian PapyrusAnd finally … a framed, hand painted Egyptian papyrus.  This is a cleaner cut, simpler version of the project already featured in our project library.  Here we use a triple mount with spacers and pass through hinges to “float mount” the papyrus.  In fact it is a simple project with no fancy mount cuts need.  The real impact comes from the colour choices in the mounts combined with another, elegant new moulding: Gold/silver Leaf Cushion (M6047GD).  To see how this project works view Project 12c

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