Make the Most of Your Framing Business


Business Development Week, 22nd – 28th March 2014 – High Wycombe

Individual days can be booked separately, HOWEVER, book all 7 days andyou save over £200.00, paying just £999.00

If you have already completed first two days you can book the remaining 5 days, paying just £707.88

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While we wouldn’t want to take full credit for the number of businesses started after training with us, where picture framing is at the very heart of what’s on offer, we do know that the UK School of Framing  Business Development Week has been a vital element in providing people with the confidence to make their ideas work. 

The Business Week programme is pretty comprehensive:on the two business days there's a massive amount of information, offering tried and tested ideas about setting up your own business; during the practical days, you learn how to undertake more, specific types of framing.  BUT, in addition to the expected ideas, there are the extra ones of your own, sparked off by passing comments and triggering thoughts of what would work in your own area of interest or locality.  Then, there are the conversations you have with the other people working alongside you: throughout the week you are bouncing ideas back and forth, through all of the sessions.  In the end you come away absolutely fired up, ready to go with a ready made support network. 



A great example of somebody putting that into practice is Andy George, down in Cornwall, with Edgemoor Framing.  We presented a Case Study about how he set up his new business: now, less than a year down the line, things have really taken off. 

“Things have been going really well for Edgemoor Framing, especially since I only really went full time on the 20th May last year.  There is still a way to go before I can relax a little, that's if you ever can when self employed. I have managed to get a couple of local artists to use my business as their sole supplier. That as well as flexibility in what I produce, maintaining quality and value seems to be paying off. Facebook is a surprisingly good resource, my last post led to several inquiries and 2 actual orders.” 

Having seen for ourselves what he has been up to on Facebook, it is well worth visiting Andy’s Facebook page for a bit of inspiration. 
Andy George completed a Business Development Week at High Wycombe in November 2012.

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