Hiring Workspace @ DIYframing

Rent a work spaceDuring a recent training workshop we were asked if it is possible to hire the training room area and kit in order to practise framing skills ahead of buying all the equipment.  The customer in question is not able, currently, to set up a workshop but is keen not to forget what he had learnt.


In fact we have, at various times, formally offered that scheme over a number of days. If you are interested in pursuing this option, have a look at the information below and then contact us for possible dates and costs.



Rental period runs from 11.00 am - 3.00 pm

You can have the chance to hire a work space in the All About Framing training room to help you develop and hone your framing skills.  You will have access to a work bench and all of the framing hand tools used on UK School of Framing training days. All products used in any projects undertaken must be purchased from the DIYframing store.


This workshop opportunity is aimed at anybody who has trained with us and wants to use kit and manage a project for themselves possibly ahead of buying their own kit.  It also suits people who have projects to do but haven't the space or full range of tools needed to complete them at home.


There will be support available in the forms of training manuals, handy hints sheets: NB members of staff will be on hand purely to help source materials and kit.


HOWEVER, please note these are not training sessions and staff will not be able to explain how to use equipment in detail nor demonstrate how to develop a framing project.  It is essential that anybody booking workshop time has completed (at least) a UK School of Framing Basics of Framing training module and ideally a Mount Cutting & Decoration session.


Summary - the hire of workshop space includes (use of / access to):

  • individual work bench;
  • individual tools - mitre saw, studio joiner, rules, Logan 301 Compact mount cutter;
  • shared use of other hand tools (tab gun, glass cutters, screw drivers, bradawls etc)
  • consumables such as glass cleaner, tapes and hardware (D-rings, screws etc)
  • advice about location of (& purchase of ) materials and full product range from the DIYframing store.

Posted on: 27 Jun 2014@07:01:38, updated on: 27 Jun 2014@07:01:38.