Open Day - Early Notice

These have always been very popular in the past so we thought we’d give you an early warning.   Entry is free but if you do intend to visit, it would really help our planning for a smoothly run day if you could send a quick email or make a call using contacts:

t 0800 801061 (free call)   e

Open Day 2014Special features include:

- Sales showroom - open with some great discounts

- Bargains and clearance sales 

- Special offer mouldings

- Demonstrations of equipment

- Solutions to framing problems


Look out for more details on the website over the next few weeks.

A constant of these days have been some framing / mount cutting seminars.  We will be holding these again but as yet haven’t set the titles. This time we are asking for your ideas for what we can help you with.  You can suggest items that are quite basic to framing / use of kit through to specific techniques you are unclear about.  They can be items we have run before but that you would like to see again, items you have seen on our Handy Hints / Project Sheets but you would like to see in the flesh. 

If you have ideas, please send them to and we will select some projects that we can show within the time scale and which work together well.  All ideas must be in by Friday 15th August.

Posted on: 30 Jul 2014@14:00:24, updated on: 30 Jul 2014@14:08:44.