Cutting Corners

Best mount cuttersThere are so many Logan Cutters to choose from and it can be really difficult to know which one to go for.  On our training sessions we feature the Logan Elite 350-1.  This is perfect for those who probably will be working with images no longer than about 50 cm: plus it is comparatively inexpensive.  But, if you need more versatility to cater for image sizes around the 80 cm mark, you’re clearly going to need a bigger cutter: the Logan 450-1, Artist Elite is the perfect upgrade. 


Many of those on our training sessions opt for the 450-1 over the Compact Elite as a way of “future proofing” their purchase, without having to break the bank.  Angie Hopgood, who trained with us in Exeter this spring, was really enthusiastic after buying and using her Logan 450-1, so we asked her if she’d be happy to have her comments featured.


'I knew that for the quantity of mounts I would be cutting on a weekly basis that I would need an accurate and reliable cutter. Having looked at others on the market, I chose the Logan 450-1, and I have not been disappointed.  It cuts very accurately and produces extremely professional results, I am delighted with it.'

Posted on: 30 Jul 2014@14:08:07, updated on: 30 Jul 2014@14:08:07.