Last Call For Business Development Week

This may be your last chance to book your place on our November Business Development Week.  The first two days are our Art & Photography Framing Weekend, 15th & 16th November.

After that, the sessions start to take your practical skills much further as well as developing your understanding of how a framing business can work (large or small).  And because all sessions are run by trainers who are owners of their own framing businesses at the heart of a successful framing warehouse and commercial workshop, you will just absorb the knowledge.

Follow the links and discover how far you can take your framing skills this year.

Organising & Planning a Framing Business (November 17th): understand the work of a framer, workshop organisation, pricing system development and the process from taking an order through supplies to return of the finished frame.

3D Box Framing (November 18th, High Wycombe): for items too large to fit in deep rebate mouldings, discover how to build a box, line it, attach in the item and then add a frame – simple!

Conservation Framing (November 19th, High Wycombe): discover when to use a conservation approach to framing, what products are needed and the specific skills required to take your framing to a higher level.

Framing Fabrics (November 20th, High Wycombe): as well as the additional practical needs of framed fabrics, this will bring out the creative side to your framing.

Creating Business Success (November 21st): now you have the skills, how do you develop the order book, discover new markets and develop your own framing products? Duncan McDonald, owner of DIYframing, takes a day out to explain.

Posted on: 14 Oct 2014@07:44:13, updated on: 14 Oct 2014@07:44:13.