Open Day: Post Script

The Open Day was a great success and the seminars received their largest audience so far.  This time all of the themes illustrated in the two sessions were taken from ideas proposed by yourselves, with three customers winning gift vouchers for their range of ideas, which were explored and demonstrated in detail.

As so many of these addressed the “fiddly” issues that most of us come up against from time to time, and are not part of the usually described “main-stream elements of mount cutting & framing, they make particularly useful additions to the gradually growing library of free resources available to our customers.

For those of you unable to join us at the Open Days, here are links to elements of the sessions about which we already have materials and notes about what may become available in the longer term.

NB to access these materials you will need to be signed up as a member of DIYframing: a free process, open to all and with no future payment details etc required!

  • Cutting double mounts with separate colour panels for different apertures: fallen at the first hurdle as we currently have no materials for this 
  • Adding colour strips in a single mount: HH Sheet 43 
  • Adding v grooves to a mount: Simply Styled, Project 12b
  • The use of embossing tools to create embossed lines on a mount: to follow as a Handy Hints sheet 
  • Fillets & Slips have been covered in different ways through our range of resources.  For an overview see HH Sheet 29. There is more detail about the use of slips in a mount in our Solid Gold, Project 6b sheet with another version using a flat, limed slip moulding in Six of the best, Project 8 (option 5).
  • The more formal features of creating colour wash lines, fills and decorative tape strips with mitred corners have yet to be featured in any support materials although they have, in the main, been featured in our Master Class training weekends. 
  • Although not demonstrated in any detail, we did also look briefly at some ideas behind framing medals in frames.  Again, if this is something you wish to do, have a look at where we have featured these in two projects: Star Framing, Project 5 & Military Memories, Project 11.  You probably won’t wish to replicate the projects but there are many key elements illustrated that may well be of use.

Posted on: 14 Oct 2014@07:55:59, updated on: 14 Oct 2014@07:55:59.