Mitre Trimmer Measure System: Assembly Guide

A massive source of frustration for many people has been how to assemble a mitre trimmer measure system and attach it to the Mitre Trimmer.  The instructions in the pack are not very clear (at all!). We have managed to sort out the best way to put it all together, ensuring that pieces line up, are level (where they need to be) and fit securely. 

The secret is to follow a specific set of sequenced steps:  these now feature on our latest Handy Hints Sheet 45 – Assembling a Mitre Trimmer Measure System.

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In celebration of our latest Handy Hint Sheet you can buy a mitre trimmer and measure system for just £180. 

This only applies to orders placed before 9.00 am Monday 20th October 2014.


Posted on: 16 Oct 2014@07:46:26, updated on: 16 Oct 2014@07:46:26.