Take Control Of Presentation

Take Control of PresentationPress release for The Photography Show 2015


Thinking of undertaking your own framing but not sure whether it’s the right choice?  Here are four areas to consider.


COST: there are real savings to be made in doing your own framing even after factoring in the kit prices.  Framers need to charge around 3 times (or more) the cost of materials per piece.  There are business overheads to cover before even making a living from framing. Generate enough work and framing becomes cost effective.  Now you have the kit, you could even earn money by framing for other people.

APPEARANCE: you choose the look of your framed print, giving you complete artistic control from image capture to presentation.  This becomes a trademark style associated with your work.

TIME: although taking up your time, you are in control.  You can meet deadlines to suit and make last minute changes to projects.  You choose when to be busy and when to ease off.

CARE: reduce potential handling issues involved with transporting work to a third party and be in control of the care of images, product quality and techniques used all the way through the process.


Supporting Our Customers

Then there’s the guiding hand to support you all the way at DIYframing.  We offer a wide range of advice on what is involved in setting up a framing workshop, whether you want to work from a spare room or professional gallery. 

From our warehouse / store in High Wycombe we can supply all the tools, materials and accessories to make it all happen.  And then our continued support is second to none.  Our on-line resource library is full of free to download information sheets helping you to understand techniques, solve framing conundrums and guide you through the choices and uses of materials.


Posted on: 10 Feb 2015@09:25:40, updated on: 10 Feb 2015@09:50:36.