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Press Release for The Photography Show 2015

Training with UK School of FramingThe launch of the UK School of Framing under the DIYframing banner marked a turning point. The whole idea of teaching people how to do their own picture framing is a direct response to customer need:  “We’ve got the tools - now what do we do with them?”  The intention is to make quality picture framing a hallmark of our courses, no matter how simple the kit being used.


However, that initial concept of showing people how to frame their own artwork has grown out of all proportion - way beyond just learning how to use the tools. Our training can take people from complete novice to preparation for (Fine Art Trade Guild) Guild Commended Framer assessment. 


What does the UK School of Framing offer? 

  • An easy to find base for learning about picture framing;
  • A suite of 11 training modules building the depth, skills and knowledge of picture framing;
  • The flexibility to build a programme of training to suit individuals;
  • The opportunity to work through modules at the desired pace;
  • Support of professional art and framing groups;
  • News, articles and information & ideas sheets;
  • One-off specialist courses;
  • A range of learning  / support materials (much of it free to members).


These opportunities are available at venues all around the UK via a variety of programmes.

Art & Photography Framing, training weekends operate at least twice per month: these provide the foundation skills giving you all you need, to undertake most 2D framing projects.


More specific framing projects (3D Box Framing; Conservation Framing; Framing Fabrics) are explored through a programme of individual workshops or as components of a Business Development week.


For those really wanting to extend their framing repertoire, there are also further modules: Framing Sports Shirts, Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames and Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Art.


To see when and where this all happens visit our UK School of Framing front page.  You will also be able to find out about what each element of training involves and how they can combine to develop your own programme to suit your needs, timescale and budget. Alternatively download a simple PDF featuring all of our training in 2015.


It was the UK School of Framing approach to training that won the 2010 Fine Art Trade Guild Award for Innovation.  That, plus 12 years’ experience and well over 1,000 delighted “students”, make this an obvious way to learn how to do your own framing.

Posted on: 10 Feb 2015@09:36:39, updated on: 10 Feb 2015@09:50:22.