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More to MountsMore to Mounts than Meets the Eye 

There’s more to choosing mountboard than colour alone.  Light shades with a textured surface provide a subtle contrast to smooth prints. A black edge to the mount provides clear definition.  For real intensity on high contrast shots, try black, black core. There’s even a suedette finish!

Presenting images in a mount and frame is all about providing a setting that enhances the image: it should have space to breathe.  But you can control how you want to show your work.  Making good choices of mountboard and how it is cut can really bring out the best in any image – it’s what sets you apart from the rest.

In double / layered mounts strong colour is often used, close in to the artwork: you can be very bold with your colour choice as long as it is a fine band.  Even with black & white images red, lime green, oranges etc can be used to great effect, most effective where the border is around 3 mm wide.


Full Range of Arqadia Mountboard

We frequently turn to white mount boards as the “colour” of choice for staging photography.  However, even then there is a massive choice.  DIYframing stocks the full range of Arqadia mountboards, offering in the order of 20+ shades from Bright White to Chaste White (cream).  Where each one differs is in terms of brightness of shade and degree of surface texture. Some mountboards have a definite texture: eg, Alabaster looks like gesso-primed canvas. The contrast between the silky finish of the print paper compared to surface of the mount is what really catches the eye.

Then there is the depth of the mount board.  Keeping to the simplicity of a single mount provides a clean-cut, design-led feel to the finished piece. This can be further enhanced, using a board thicker than the standard 1.4 mm (1400 micron) mountboard.  Look for options of 2 mm (2000 microns) and 3.5 mm (3500 microns).  Even here there is the choice of textured or smooth finishes.

Black core boards offer you another layer of choice.  Here, when the aperture is cut, rather than revealing a white edge, there is a black bevel.  It provides a fine, defining edge to images and an intensity close in to the shot.  Again, the range offers a number of “whites” featuring a black core, but there are also some great feature shades including a red, a couple of blues and even a metallic gold. 

For a really intense contrast use a black, black core board: it’s the way the light is picked up (or absorbed) on the varying edges and surfaces that work so dramatically.  Once you have learned how to cut mounts in different ways you can bring a totally unique look to your displayed images.

To make a start on good quality mount cutting join us on our workshops at the Photography Show 2015: DIY Mounting Workshops


For more about the range of Arqadia mountboards available, download PDF Arqadia Mountboard Range

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