Make A Confident Start

Hobby Starter KitFor any of you trying to pick your way through what kit you might need to start doing your own framing, here’s some guidance to help.   The most popular of the packages we suggest is the Hobby Starter Kit.  Essentially this is the range of kit we use on the training weekends around the country, and has proven to be a real winner with people wanting to make a positive start in doing their own framing.

In all mounted framing there is a series of key activities that need to be covered by your kit: preparing and cutting mounts; cutting mitred, moulding lengths; joining the moulding; assembling everything in the frame.  And at each of those stages there will be both specialised and general equipment.  Understanding that many people will already have some of the general “diy tools”, the framing kits bring together the more specialised elements, of a similar level of use and cost to make a coherent kit.


In the Hobby Starter Kit we have:

MOUNT CUTTING: The Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter  - a versatile, portable 810 mm  (32) capacity mat cutter that provides affordable and professional results. This cutter allows you to cut board to size (straight edge cutter), mark up the position of the “window” and then cut it out to reveal crisp, bevelled edges (bevel edge cutter).


CUTTING MITRES: The Nobex Promaster Framing Kit – as described earlier in the newsletter. For a downloadable spec sheet (PDF) click: Nobex Promaster Framing Kit.


JOINING: The Logan 300-1 Studio Joiner – it features a clamp for holding the moulding in position as the v-nail is inserted. A magnetic tip, driving mechanism holds single v-nails ready to be inserted into the moulding joints and can be used on hard or soft wood mouldings. For a downloadable spec sheet (PDF) click: Studio Joiner.


ASSEMBLY: The Toyo Glass Cutter (& Logan Adapt-a-Rule) provide the capacity to cut glass to the size needed. The Charnwood Tab Gun & Tabs hold all items in the frame ready for taping, adding cord and hanging.

To see additional items included in the Hobby Starter Kit range see: Hobby Starter Kit and Hobby Starter Plus Kit

For more options for framing kits from starter through to professional view (PDF): DIYframing Kits

Posted on: 18 Jun 2015@06:41:26, updated on: 18 Jun 2015@06:41:26.