Sports Shirt Framing Revisited

Framing Sports Shirts 2008

The first time we ran our Framing Sports Shirts workshop was on 17th April 2008: that's over 6 years ago.  It was a great success, even with 9 people all working at the same time.  It has never been easy to find detail about how to plan and execute this type of project.  The principles we base our process on is to combine lessons taught in conservation framing, fabric framing and some elements of 3D framing.  We ensure that the shirt is handled carefully, that proper spacing is made away from the glass, the shirt is properly supported and all attachments are discreet and fully reversible.  


Catch Up

Whilst we may have refined the techniques slightly, the core skills would still be recognisable to those who worked in our first session.  For a real flavour of the workshop, read the follow-up article from 2008.

Our next Sports Shirt Framing training day is at our High Wycombe HQ on Monday 14th September; book now as places are limited.

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