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Whenever we run training sessions we look forward to hearing where it has taken you.  Usually, however, we have a few months to wait before we hear about what you are up to.  So, it was especially rewarding to be contacted by Gary Pyner within just a few weeks of completing his Art & Photography Training weekend in Salisbury.  He is hoping to extend the range and saleability of items in his bourgeoning memorabilia business, by using his new-found mount-cutting and framing skills. His enthusiasm and obvious talent speak for themselves.

One of his ideas that really caught our attention was his way of framing copies of the Beano, with rather special, deep bevel mounts. Gary has kindly taken the time to explain his ventures in framing for business.

Making The Right Choice

Poster SetFollowing on from my Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting and Decoration weekend I have developed a few ideas particularly, using antique prints and memorabilia: an example being antique Punch Magazine illustrations, spanning from mid Victorian to mid 20th century.

I have found this route to be quite saturated (there are lots of Punch Compendiums available and the idea of framing these illustrations is not new).  To combat this I have tried to frame sets of prints and jokes, which are still relevant today: for example builders being expensive, trains being late etc (things do not change that much). I have also used classic bird and flower prints, which are starting to get some interest.

Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting days have given me a great starting point with these projects, in particular the choices of moulding colours and what works with a sepia coloured print: as recommended, an off white/cream mount seems to work better with this type of picture.  As I gain more experience I will experiment with other colours and have taken delivery of a mixed box of mount colours for this purpose.

Beano FramedComic Extra

Most successful of the schemes so far are the Beano/Dandy Comic frames.

During the Mount Cutting and Decoration day I found the use of foam core board really interesting.  The depth this technique provides to simple pictures can be dramatic. I chose to use this technique in the following way.  Instead of covering the foam core with a solid colour tape, I pasted, using a watered down PVA glue, some strips of comic. Although this took some time to dry, requiring some forward planning, it worked well: apart from bending the foam board slightly (easily straightened out when attaching to the mount).  This provided the depth and a real sense of fun to the frame. I then selected a deeper (20mm rebate) moulding adding depth to the frame and providing more than enough rebate to accommodate the thicker mount.

Beano Deep BevelI have used a double mount on a commission from a local artist, who needed to frame a print of one of his works, and lastly a multi-aperture mount with the Koi Carp drawings (again following advice given during the training).  All this and more was covered on the mount cutting day, which was a real inspiration for these projects.

New Ideas

Lastly I have some Victorian Legal Indenture documents, which are large and very striking.  I am planning to frame these without a mount, using spacers hidden by the moulding, attaching the document to a back board with conservation tape, giving a feeling (I hope) that the document is floating within the frame.  Again a plain black moulding with a good depth…….. lets see if that works!

Gary Pyner FrameMoving on from this I have started to gain some additional commission work and have two requests for mounting sports shirts (one is an Irish ladies rugby Grand Slam winning team shirt, very nervous about that one). With the use of the Handy Hints Sheets I have been able to build on the knowledge gained during the initial weekend, which is brilliant, but I prefer the “hands on” feel of the classes. 

My next step will be to attend further courses next year, Stretching and Framing Canvas and Conservation Framing being my main choices, moving onto the Business Development Week (hopefully I will get to the point where this is needed).

And all of this has happened following a training weekend at the beginning of September.  It just goes to show how something can spark an idea that you can really run with and call your own. 

Currently, you can catch up with Gary via facebook: Gary Pyner Frames

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