Professional Framing Equipment

We have started researching a complete range of tools for those of you aiming to move ahead as professional framers.  We already supply top of the range mount cutters in the form of the Logan Framers Edge.  The latest additions to the suggested workshop range is the series of mitre cutters & choppers made by Hansen of Denmark.  These offer professional quality mitre cuts in moulding at affordable prices and in 3 different sizes.  Each one is either hand or foot operated, meaning the you will not have to have power in the workshop.  In short there is something to cater for the professional framer (or framing artist, photographer, collector and needlecrafter) no matter what space you have available to work in.

For more information, click on the names below and you will link to our products page:

Hansen Maxi Chopper
Hansen Mini Chopper
Hansen EZCut

In the very near future we hope to finalise details for a professional underpinner to complete the main part of our professional workshop range.

Posted on: 9 May 2006@07:31:26, updated on: 9 Jun 2006@10:41:02.