Stretching Canvas

We often talk to people over the telephone about how to strectch and frame canvas and larger pieces of textile based art.  It does actually feature as a demonstration during our Framing Fabrics training day, when we show the tools and resources needed to create stretchers.  In fact, if you really want to try out that type of framing activity, this can be accommodated in our Framing Fabrics day. You would have the chance to stretch and frame a textile sample (or your own work) as your choice of project for the afternoon session of the day. It is important to let us know in advance should this be your chosen project, so we can ensure that we have appropriate stretchers and frame moulding ready for use.

To find out more about the Framing Fabrics days why not use the Training Zone menu.

As a result of the interest you have shown in these projects, we now stock:

  • stretcher bars (with wedges)
  • cross braces
  • stretcher pliers
  • staple guns

For details of these products visit the strore browser.


Posted on: 9 May 2006@07:58:28, updated on: 9 Jun 2006@10:40:34.